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 Dubuque Mulch Company is set up as a bulk material facility. We load your truck or trailer using a front end loader.  Mulch is based on cubic yards, while rock is based on tonnage. Both volume and weight of material needs to be considered before pick up. Please use our product calculator to determine the quantity appropriate for your project needs.


Long box (8’ bed)
  • 3 yards heaped
  • 2 yards level
Standard box (6’ bed)
  • 2 yards heaping  
  • 1 ½ yards level
Short box (5’under/S-10)
  • 1 yard level
These quantities are all approximations and vary depending on product density, processing size, and truck bed capacity.

Self Service

Customers are welcome to hand load our products into their vehicles.  In smaller quantities mulch prices are per gallon, while rock prices are still based on tonnage.  If you are planning on hand loading material please stop in our customer center for loading instructions.


Dubuque Mulch Company offers local, semi-local and regional delivery. 

If you are picking up or receiving a delivery we offer an easy pay option, free of physical contact and within social distancing parameters. 

Please call or email to for place an order:      563-582-0587    sales@dubuquemulch.com



Delivery Options

Local Delivery Available
Semi-local Delivery
  • Both dump-truck and semi-load deliveries available
  • Price dependent on distance and quantity
Regional Delivery
  • Bulk Material Transport
  • Dump trailers/live bottoms

We request the customer be present during delivery of materials. If you are not available during the delivery, please leave detailed instructions of your desired dumping location.

How much Mulch Do you need?

Coverage Calculator


Bark mulches: 3″
Stone (less than one inch in diameter): 3″
1 1/2″ riverstone: 4″
Pathways: 4″
Spring time Recoverage: 2"


Don't hesitate to call us at
+1-563-582-0587 Or use our online chat option on the right of your screen!


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